Window Security grilles

The luxurious feeling of ease and protection.

Windows serve as a release to one’s home. Unbolt your window and look outside, there is another world beyond it. As windows serve the purpose of natural lighting and ventilation they are essential to the structure of any house or building.

With an increase in crime rates, security for life and property has become a major concern. In order to avoid from being under a constant threat of getting prone to an attack or accident one must ensure that safety and precautionary methods are used around their homes and offices, keeping their life and property at bay from unwanted attention. One of the common and sensible safety methods against criminal activity includes installation of window security grilles.

Window security grilles are a convenient, easy to use and affordable access and security control product which can be easily installed at residential, commercial and industrial units alike. Window Security grilles guarantee you the peace of mind you need in order to feel safe at home, these security grilles not only avoid mishaps but also add a touch of style and class to the outlook of your property.

Window grilles cater to domestic and commercial needs for safety and style. Window grilles can be set up at homes and offices alike, they can be conveniently attached to windows frames serving as a sure protection against any unpleasant incidents such as theft, break-ins, accidents or vandalism. They are easy to maintain, even easier to use and can offer high levels of security coupled with delightfully irresistible designs which definitely bring in appeal and charisma to your home or office premises!

At London Gates and grilles we offer our customers a wide variety of security products to choose from. We make available durable and reliable window security grilles in modern and classic designs which can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes also providing you the option to customize colors and designs all according to your taste and preference.

Our window grilles come in various qualities and cater to different price ranges. You may select a product of your choice and we are here to deliver, install and provide to any location. Your requirements are the first priority at London Gates and Grilles. So why not protect your homes and offices when we are providing you the best services and window grille designs to buy at affordable rates?

Concertina Retracting Grilles

Concertina retracting grilles are a favorable product for homes, offices, stores, restaurants and shops. These security grilles serve best in constricted spaces due to their remarkable ability to fold or slide easily. Concertina Grilles can be launched open from either sides or brought up together at a central point providing superior security using single or double lock systems as per customer’s preference.

We install these security grilles to windows of all shapes and sizes and also allow our customers to stylize their designs with a powder coat finish in any color of their choice

So head over to our product catalogue and pick one for yourself now!

Solid Bar Grilles
A solid bar grille is another security product catering to the more susceptible windows. Solid bar grilles cannot be opened or closed once installed and work as a permanent attachment therefore offering optimum security and protection.
These window grilles can be kept elegantly plain or fashionable depending on your budget capacity and how you simply want them to look.
We supply solid bar grilles in different designs with the option to powder coat finish in any color of your choice. Check with us At London Gates and Grilles for the best available options of solid bar Grilles.

Fire Safe Security Grilles
At London Gates and grilles we provide you the finest solutions for fire safe security grilles. These resourcefully designed window grilles open window slots swiftly allowing quick passage in times of emergency or accident. These grilles are available in various designs and styles catering to your individual needs.

Here at London Gates and Grilles we constantly strive to provide our customers with superior protection products. Security Grilles, window Grilles, Door grilles, whatever you are looking for, we have got it covered.
Our products are high quality and require hardly any maintenance, they are fairly easy to install and use for people of all ages. The materials we use in producing these window grilles are of finest quality therefore our products conform to the EU quality standards and are chosen by a wide range of customers looking for the best in security market.
So come and be a part of our customer family today. London Gates and grilles give you a diverse variety to choose from and offer you product customization and installation services at economical prices. So what are you waiting for? Browse our products and make best of the most convenient and affordable security solutions offered.