Window Grilles security

Home Security you need with London Gates and Grilles window Security Grilles products.

Windows are a passage for air and sunlight into homes. They are an essential component of any building structure however one must note that windows also are easy entry points in and out of a house therefore they need to be guarded.

It is now widely accepted by Crime Prevention Officers and the Insurance Industry, that the only way to stop domestic burglaries is to physically protect doors and windows. We are the leading UK manufacturer and installer of physical security systems. We are the only manufacturer that surveys and installs all of our security grilles at minimal rates. When it comes to protecting your home you can be sure our window and door grills security system will provide the ultimate home security solution.

At London Gates and grilles we offer our customers a wide variety of window grilles security products to choose from. We make available durable and reliable window security grilles in modern and classic designs which can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes also providing you the option to customize colors and designs all according to your taste and preference.

Our window grilles come in various qualities and cater to different price ranges. You may select a product of your choice and we are here to deliver, install and provide to any location. Your requirements are the first priority at London Gates and Grilles. So why not protect your homes and offices when we are providing you the best services and window grille designs to buy at affordable rates?

Unlike other shutters and grills, our sliding window grilles security has been specifically designed with appearance and safety in mind without compromising on strength. Not only do they stack back behind the curtains, but they also look attractive when drawn and locked. All are made-to-measure and as per customer preference finished to perfection in colors and designs of your choice.

Our window grilles security range includes:

  • Bar window grilles
  • Sliding window grilles
  • Contracting window grilles

Window grilles security is better on Safety as it is installed inside the window – the intruder has to risk detection by breaking glass before tackling the window grilles security. Externally fitted roller shutters or grills can be removed first. Fixed window grilles security closes behind the window frame and restricts intruder access. Our window grilles security can be fixed in all four corners to form a continuous frame – for added security against forced entry.

Window grilles security allows you to enjoy the natural ventilation and sunlight. By window grilles security you can let in light allowing a clear view outside even when the security grill is fully drawn. Windows can be open when the grill is drawn and locked. Our window grilles security is equipped with an easy sliding action, therefore the window grilles can be quickly opened in an emergency or remove threats to susceptible access points using fixed grills or bars.

Manufactured and installed to EU quality standards. Our sliding security grills can be left drawn and locked at night so that you can sleep with your window wide open without fear of intruders. These window grilles security systems can be easily unlocked in the event of an emergency. They Allows fresh air through open doors and windows, whilst stopping intruders. Our window grilles security is ideal for bungalows, ground floor flats, conservatories and patio doors.

We provide the following services for window grilles security:

  • Design customization
  • Galvanizing/ lacquer coating
  • Powder coat finish
  • Insured locking system
  • Installation and welding onsite
  • Repairs and maintenance

Window grilles security systems at London grilles and gates are affordable, unique and preferable for commercial and domestic applications alike. Window grilles security can be conveniently installed, it is a hassle free method of safe guarding your premises. Window grilles Security can offer significant savings over the cost of other substitute products.

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