Window Grilles

Alluring designs and added protection, we offer window grilles at best value for price!

Windows are essential to a home structure. They are vital for allowing air and sunlight in your homes and for adding a unique element to the architecture of your estate however we must not forget that windows allow easy access in and out of the house. Window grilles can be used as a security and décor item both, they will solve the problem of keeping out unauthorized persons off your property and add an aesthetic appeal to your homes.

Window grilles cater to domestic and commercial needs for safety and style. If you are looking for luscious designs to fit your upscale estate or wish to add a touch of simplicity to your restaurant or shop we have the windows grilles you have been looking for!

At London Gates and grilles we offer our customers a wide variety of security products to choose from. We make available durable and reliable window grilles in modern and classic designs which can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes also providing you the option to customize colors and designs all according to your taste and preference.

Our window grilles are easy to maintain and convenient to install adding an element of safety and style. While replacing windows can be costly, but fortunately, our custom window grilles can be fitted for almost any existing window regardless of shape and size.

At London gates and grilles we offer solid bar grilles for sliding or fixed windows using the strongest materials possible to ensure security needs are fulfilled to the utmost. We also provide retractable window grilles which can be accessed from either side or brought together at a central point in order to cater to windows in apartment buildings or homes.

We install window grilles for windows shaped curved, hung, awning and customized designs in materials such as metal, brass and other alloys. These window grilles are finished in colors as per your preference using fine powder coat finish and installed in frames that complete the look whilst protecting you against unforeseen and unwanted intrusions.

Our products conform to the EU quality standards and offer you the best value for price. We provide affordable installation and delivery services so head over to our window grilles option and explore the available designs and materials you deem suitable.

As a home builder, you know even a basic tract home can stand out with simple additions like: shutters, trim, window boxes or window grilles. Not only do adding window grilles bring visual warmth and charm to a home, it’s also an inexpensive way to increase its value and appeal.

Contact us at London Grilles and gates for an estimate or drop us your comments and questions regarding our products and we will get back to you.