Ventilation Grilles

Oxygenate safely and economically.

Ventilation is the process which allows us to breathe in clean air eliminating moisture and odor. It is crucial to a building or structure that a proper ventilation system is established, a house or office building is incomplete if it lacks the right type of ventilation systems. Ventilation is a need for everyone however when we use windows, vents and ducts to create passage for air we also create ways to access our premises which is not a favorable thing in today’s world of uncertainty therefore one must make sure that enough safety measures are applied to stop intrusion.

At London Gates and Grilles we provide you the ultimate ventilation security grilles which offer an unmatched fortification against a determined attack or intrusion. The highly durable ventilation grilles are made of superior quality materials which guarantee you strength, aesthetics and durability which are unique and available solely to our customers.

These days the ventilation systems in houses and buildings utilize natural and mechanical ventilation of air using windows, vents, ducts or mechanical exhaust systems. Therefore when you are at home with your loved ones or at work with your colleagues a sense of safety comes when you add the protection of ventilation grilles.

Ventilation grilles can be installed into vents or ducts of any shape. Squares, rectangles, circles of any size, be they vents in your ceilings, kitchens, attics, bathrooms or Air conditioning vents covering your office premises We have what you are looking for.

The right combination of sophisticated designs, resilient materials and color options in ventilation grilles add the appeal to your outlook while protecting your premises at the same time. All these services are what we make available to you keeping your preferences and budget capacity in mind therefore we are a unique company which cares best for its customers. Our wide variety of stylized and appealing designs in ventilation grilles are irresistible and difficult to say no to.

Plastic Ventilation Grilles

The plastic range is made of ABS, a durable and aesthetically appealing plastic material; grilles are round, square, rectangular whatever shape you desire and they are also available in the innovative and easy to install folding shape (IN-OUT).Ventilation grilles with springs, grilles to embed and to screw, modular grilles are all available in several colors.

Metal Ventilation Grilles

Metal ventilation grilles are available in same shapes of plastic ones and are manufactured with different metallic alloys or metals themselves such as stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum. The materials used are of best quality providing our customers the best value for price In addition, the metal range also consist of grilles for doors, walls, fireplaces, air-conditioning and breakage-proof grilles.

Ceramic Ventilation Grilles

The ceramic ventilation grilles are made of glazed stoneware which is highly resistant to temperature ranges and suitable for both outside and inside finish of farm houses , cottages , ceilings, roof tops or other outdoor ventilation openings. These ventilation grilles are manufactured of strong materials and designed to please the eye.

London gates and grilles offer you the widest variety in ventilation grille designs to select to your preference. Slotted hole vents, square hole vents, linear slotted hole vents, trickle hole vents, adjustable air flow vents and much more designs to pick from which cater to our aesthetic customers taste and class.

Our ventilation grilles are secure and appealing therefore they add a distinct touch to the outlook of your premises. They are easy to install and maintain and are affordable products with great value

Check with our product catalogue and contact us for any queries or to avail our goods today!