Vent grilles

An affordable range of durable and attractive designs

Clean and fresh air for everyone is essential. Stale and stinky: If you are lacking fresh air it could be due to a bathroom with no window, a kitchen with a tiny window, the cellar or a small bedroom with windows opening to a high traffic area. Conference and meeting rooms are also not always properly aerated. These are unfit and unpleasant living/working conditions.

Whether you are located in a busy centrally located area of the town or a rather quiet neighbourhood there is still a chance that if you ignore your vents and leave them unprotected You will be more prone to intrusions, attacks and criminal theft or vandalism if you do not add vent grilles to your structure as it makes it fairly easily accessible to outsiders.

At London Gates and Grilles we provide you the ultimate ventilation grilles solutions which offer an unrivaled protection against a determined attack or intrusion. The highly durable ventilation grilles are made of superior quality materials which guarantee you strength, aesthetics and durability which are unique and available solely to our customers.

  • Brass
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Alloys
  • And other materials are available..

We provide you a vast variety of vent grilles styles to choose from that suit perfectly to your budget and personal tastes. Our vent grilles can be installed conveniently to vents of any shape or size. We create three dimensional grilles that can be shaped, painted and finished in many ways never thought of before therefore classy designs are the main characteristics allow for many of our distinct vent grille products available.

We manufacture our vent grilles in metals plastics and ceramics and you can also choose from a wide variety of modern and classical designs which can be plain or decorative as per your choice:

  • Flower vent grilles
  • Linear vent grilles
  • Weave vent grilles
  • Diamond vent grilles
  • Cross design vent Grilles
  • Honey comb pattern vent grilles
  • Iron ring pattern vent grilles
  • And many other designs

We customize designs and sizes to suit your needs and provide a range of materials and locking systems which can cater to a varying budget range. We are a dedicated team which pays extreme attention to even the smallest details when it comes to providing you a service.

As a team we will do everything possible to provide you with the best product and service in the marketplace. Our craftsman can turn your designs into a three dimensional reality. Therefore browse our product range and indulge yourself into our creative design options and choose one for yourself. We provide installation and delivery on reasonable prices. Our experienced and trained staff can answer all your questions so contact us and make the right decision