Metal Grilles

Best quality strength and resistance products to bring you comfortable safety.

Metal grilles are a largely demanded product in industrial and commercial units throughout the UK where as the product holds a large residential consumer market where metal grilles are a safety essential for homes.

Metals are solid materials known for strength and malleability. They have been used over the years in the manufacture of security and safety products. It is due to these distinct properties Metallic grilles are a product manufactured at London gates and grilles for customers looking for affordable, customized security products.

Metal grilles are widely used in constructions in order to add an element of safety and creativity. We offer our customers a wide variety of metal grilles to choose from. We make available durable and reliable metal grilles in modern and classic designs which can be fitted to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes also providing you the option to customize colors and designs all according to your taste and preference.

We use superior quality aluminum, brass, stainless steel and such materials for manufacturing, therefore our metal grilles are long lasting products which can be obtained in any material that suits your affordability.

Our metal grilles serve commercial and domestic purposes efficiently. These metal grilles can conveniently installed to windows, vents, attics, doors, floors, walls, ceilings , trenches and other such access points.

Our metallic grilles offer you a complete sense of trustworthiness. With installation of metallic grilles you keep yourself well guarded against any intrusions, accidents or acts of crime therefore reducing the risks of potential losses or unpleasant incidents.

The demand for metal grilles is on the rise due to their numerous advantages. They differ in appearance, size, material and structure, and give protection against intruders. They are very durable in nature and are made from materials that are strong and long-lasting.

It is very easy to maintain metallic grilles. They are waterproof and also extremely easy to clean.

These metal grilles are convenient for people to use and hence are installed in homes, offices, gardens, community centers, clubs, schools, hospitals, and many other places.

One of the biggest benefits of these metal grilles is the security they provide at residential and commercial properties.

A metal grille can also be used as a safety measure when children are concerned. It keeps children from wandering outside a home while allowing the windows and doors to be left open to enable air circulation.

Our metal grilles range includes:

  • Collapsible steel grilles
  • Roller steel/aluminum grilles
  • Metallic bar grilles
  • Wire mesh brass grilles
  • And much more

At London gates and grilles we provide you metallic grilles in a range of different paint finishes, designs and sizes also giving you customization options, installation services and delivery services at very economical prices. We provide efficient, insured and safe locking systems with our metallic grilles.

We offer metal grilles in:

  • Paint finish
  • Lacquer finish
  • Powder coating
  • Galvanizing for steel
  • Anti rust/corrosion weather coat

Browse our products now and grab the most affordable security and décor options available with us.