Floor grilles

An affordable and stylish way to manage work/home environment.

It is very important that proper temperature controls are set up in homes or work place. A proper heating and cooling system is vital in construction to all types of property, be they apartments, mansions, cottages, office buildings or farm houses.

Our floor grilles make available the finest solution to your circulation systems. Floor Grilles are the vents through which air is pulled out of a room for circulation back to the central heating or cooling unit. Floor Grilles do not have the damper controls found on registers. Imperial Grilles are installed in cold air return ducts.

Floor grilles provide return air circulation within a room; where unobstructed flow is required for heating/cooling system efficiency. You may have several small floor grilles located throughout your home or one large central floor grille installed near the furnace. This is entirely up to the customers preference.

At London Gates and Grilles we offer you a wide variety of luxurious floor grille designs to indulge your aesthetic senses. We provide custom made, neatly crafted and superior quality floor grilles to our customers.

Our Floor grilles provide you the option to improve indoor quality substantially. We manufacture and supply floor grilles in various materials such as metals, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and other alloys as per the preference and budget of our customers. Our products follow the quality standards established by the EU and therefore our floor grilles are characterized of having fine finishing, rust/corrosion resistance, whether shield, color coating using powder finish, light weightiness, durability and lacquer finish.

Convector floor grille:

Convector grilles, made of aluminum, are light, elegantly shaped air diffusers. They cannot be used for access. Convector floor grilles are particularly useful for covering air-conditioning convectors and heating convectors.

Standard metallic Floor grille

Floor grilles of light metal are very attractive air terminals. They are designed for load bearing applications. These floor grilles are used as air supply or exhaust grilles in floors or ledges. BG with masonry frames are particularly convenient as covers of floor heating convectors. The removable lamina grating facilitates cleaning.

Linear floor grilles

Linear grilles of light metal are very attractive air terminals. They are not designed for load bearing functions. Linear floor grilles are suitable for use as air supply or exhaust grilles in ventilation ducts, as cover grilles for window ledges, as supply or recirculation grilles for induction appliances and covering floor heating convectors

Browse our products and choose any of our reliable floor grille solutions for your homes and offices today. Didn’t see what you were looking for? Contact us for personal design customization and know of our products and services today.