Brass grills

Glamorize your home with brass grilles and fittings.

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. It is distinctly known for its golden appearance. And therefore Brass is widely used in constructions adding a glamorous appeal to a houses appearance.

Brass grilles are now a widely demanded product and commonly used in stately homes throughout UK. Brass grilles in bar form for doors, gates and windows add a posh outlook to your home. Coupled with elegant designs a brass grille can add a huge value to your property.

Brass grilles are a unique and stylized option available to our customers at London gates and grilles. We manufacture and supply high quality brass grilles in a range of aesthetically appealing designs. Brass grilles are instantly eye catching and bring a positive charisma to a property’s value, they are most likely to keep unwanted intrusions and worries at bay as well.

Our brass grilles are designed to be functional and to compliment any internal décor. Beautiful brass fixtures have always been the characteristic of homes made with technique. Our brass grilles are hand cast, and then brushed to a low-luster, satin finish and lacquered to retard tarnishing.
At London Gates and grilles we keep in mind the tastes of our consumers and therefore provide modern and classical designs in brass grilles. We make use of best quality brass with clean finish and install them for you at economical prices.

At London gates and grilles we provide you brass grilles for doors, windows, ceilings and vents. Brass grilles are ideal for use in radiator covers as grille inserts, book cases, cabinet doors, custom ventilation, fine furniture and interior screening.

They are available in various stylized and classy designs such as modern or classical diamond, wire mesh and rosette styles

  • Radiator Cover Grilles
  • Regency Grilles
  • Georgian Grilles
  • Interwoven Grilles
  • Perforated Grilles

A choice of frames and plating services are also available, We provide retractable and solid brass grille fittings , deliver and install them to any location at minimal costs , therefore bringing affordability which is unique to our products.

We fit brass grilles into windows, vents, trenches, doors and ducts of any shape or size. We manufacture Brass grilles in high quality and our product is long lasting, enduring and can with stand the roughest of conditions. Our Brass grilles are rust and corrosion proof so please ask our sales team if you cannot see your preferred choice of Grille pattern here or wish to request further information about those products.

We at London Gates & Grilles firmly believe that every access point should be well protected and look beautiful at the same time no matter what the size of the building it is located at. We provide solid bar grilles in brass for doors and gates which are a highly recommended product if you wish to add safety and a glamorous look to your home. Our brass bar grilles are durable and strong guaranteeing full safety.

We offer an extensive range of designs and applications for Brass Grilles for domestic and commercial requirements which you can go through and select from. All our products are custom made to suit the exact requirements of the customer. So all you need is a requirement and we will take care of the rest.