Security Grilles

A unique combination of reliable protection and striking designs—all of this and more at very affordable prices

With an increase in crime rates, security for life and property has become a major concern. In order to avoid from being under a constant threat of getting prone to an attack or accident one must ensure that safety and precautionary methods are used around their homes and offices, keeping their life and property at bay from unwanted attention. One of the common and sensible safety methods against criminal activity includes installation of security grilles.

Security grilles are a convenient, easy to use and affordable access and security control product which can be easily installed at residential, commercial and industrial units alike. Security grilles guarantee you the peace of mind you need in order to feel safe at home, these security grilles not only avoid mishaps but also add a touch of style and class to the outlook of your property.

We provide you a wide range of security grilles to choose from which include:

  • Window Grilles
  • Door Grilles
  • Floor grilles
  • Ventilation Grilles
  • And more…

Within each category we have further options that you may pick as per your safety and appeal requirements. We provide grilles that safe guard your homes and offices efficiently providing you with a sense of comfort and safety. Our security grilles are made up of the best quality materials and are neatly finished to provide you an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

At London Gates and grilles we offer our customers a wide variety of security products to choose from. We make available durable and reliable security grilles in modern and classic designs which can be fitted to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes also providing you the option to customize colors and designs all according to your taste and preference.

Our security grilles include special features such as

  • adjustability,
  • free movement,
  • additional lock protection
  • stylized color and design options.

Security grilles from London Gates and Grilles are manufactured using top quality materials to ensure you a superior product whether you choose metallic, plastic, brass or steel grilles.

Our security grilles can be powder finished into any color of your choice besides the standard white we offer, they can be fit into doors, windows, vents and other openings of any shape, design or size with much ease. These security grilles can be accessed from either entry points or can be retracted at a central point therefore making them unique and at the same time easy to manage and use. We present insurance approved locking systems for our grilles so you may feel certainly well guarded.

Security grilles ensure that exterior threats are removed from your surroundings. By installing security grilles in your homes you reduce the risk of being victim to unwanted attention leading to acts of crimes while at the same time your children and loved ones are protected against accidents which can occur due to susceptibility of windows or entry points.

Here at London Gates and Grilles we constantly strive to provide our customers with superior protection products. Security Grilles, window Grilles, Door grilles, whatever you are looking for, we have got it covered.

We give you a diverse variety to choose from and offer you product customization and installation services at economical prices. We make available a diverse and affordable range of access protection and control products which conform to the EU standards. So what are you waiting for? Browse our products and make best of the most convenient and affordable security solutions offered.